1727 little lady teach you wear out of the aristocratic temperament

1727 was founded in Paris, France, and extensive cooperation with the local outstanding design team, incorporating the rococo Rococo art style and popular elements in 1727 AD 1727, and strive to create a new brand. Women's sweet and elegant, naive vitality in a unique way into the style, the pursuit of fashion, in recent years in order to meet the needs of more women in the workplace, but also into a professional style.


Slim package hip dress, plus the choice of velvet fabric and collar design are so retro temperament arises!

1727少淑女装 教你把名媛气质穿出来

Grass green wool coat, waist design highlights waist, double-breasted and lace princess collar more prominent aristocratic temperament!

1727 small women's interpretation of the gorgeous retro mood is a kind of emotional temperament, at the same time express casual dress cute and fine fine attitude. 1727 girl has a gentle but delicate but strong heart, can be very sexy but innocent.

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