Fashion underwear brand ISEEU interpretation of a new s…

As a modern underwear fashion brand, comfortable, comfortable, simple, fashion-based product design, enjoy the unique taste of urban men and women. ISEEU lingerie advocates simple, stylish beliefs, adhering to the "simplelife" brand concept, abandoned the past, the complexity, emphasizin[…]

New season shoes new trend sports wedge shoes become a …

Ben Wang reported on November 27th that Isabel Marant’s sporty wedge shoes have been popular with many celebrities from Europe and the United States in the spring and summer season. This is indeed the case. Not only does Joker’s leisure have a modified leg type effect, but it also ha[…]

Is your electric blanket "over age"?

The so-called "overage" refers to the age of the small household appliances such as electric blankets, which are generally 5 to 8 years in accordance with international conventions. As an expert in this field, Shao Zhiren, a member of the Standing Committee of the Zhabei District Peop[…]

Zhang Antes ANTIES brand women set off a women's in…

The status of women in society is gradually rising. Many women no longer satisfy themselves as a virtuous wife at home, as a man's subsidiary, but as an independent person. These women dress more for themselves, pay more attention to the unique personality grade, they are keen, intelligent, pe[…]

The mattress is not as thick as possible

In the composition of the bed, the quality of the mattress directly determines its comfort, and a good mattress can also improve the quality of sleep and promote healthy sleep. It is reported that the ideal state of the human spine is a natural "S" shape. The low-quality mattress will[…]

Business Management upgrade Abbott OA project launched

In November 2012, Aberdeen's personalized OA office system was put into use for a long time, promoted the standardization and efficient management of Abbott's enterprises and infused new vitality into Abbott's sustained rapid development. The use of information technology to reengineer […]

Mirtillo children's wear to create a unique exotic …

Mirtillo children's clothing brand originated in Italy, Italy Maglificio Barbara company owned, Mirtillo children's wear brand in Italy in 1976 to the market, dating back more than 30 years of history. MIRTILLO brand sales network mainly in Italy, consumers in Italy can be more than 650 sto[…]