HPLY Women's Vintage Beauty

The fashion circle is always “seeking truth and thirst” for cutting-edge brands and cutting-edge designers. Of course, the key words are “quality” and “style”. For these two points, HPLY clearly achieved: In just a few short years, he made more than 100 counters […]

Wonderful history of the wedding ring

The gift ring is a traditional way of expressing love. The diamond ring is an ideal choice for people's wedding rings since the 15th century because it symbolizes perseverance. The evolution of the generation, the style of the wedding diamond ring is like a wave of lov[…]

Alexander Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio unveils Chloe Lo…

Alessandra Ambrosio of Alexander Ambrosio appeared in the Chloe Los Angeles Fashion Show and Gala Dinner, Chloe Fashion Show and Gala Dinner in Beverly Hills. Alexander Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio unveils Chloe Los Angeles fashion show and gala dinner Alessandra Ambrosio of Alexander Ambrosio de[…]

EMINU "By m-slave" men and women new fashion …

The latest quarter of the trend with clothing advocate to simple atmosphere, simple fabrics, comfortable and natural to meet the season of fashion sense. EMINU "by MI slave" autumn men and women new products with its unique design, very stylish personality bright colors, simple and clear […]

Casual suit with comfortable and stylish dress

Casual set in the past that is only physical education or climbing when it is suitable for wearing style but the passage of time, leisure suit step by step from the old-fashioned sports suit has evolved into a casual fashion suits, with a stylish taste , So that no matter what occasion is suitable […]

MENTVEES Montevideo Men's brand management

MENTVEES Montevideo Designer: Every member of the designer team lives daily with our customers, chatting together, or going crazy together or serving customers at the branded terminal. They know their customers' needs best, provide the brand with the latest design draft every moment, and provid[…]

Warmly congratulate Haijia Shi Guizhou franchise opened

In July of this year, Ms. Wang from Guizhou learned about our Haijiashi ladies' wear online. After two months of investigation and communication, Ms. Wang officially joined Haijiashi in September. After more than a month of design decoration, October 5: Haijia Shi brand franchise stores in Gui[…]