The trend of baler development is unstoppable

Packaging machinery and equipment I think everyone should not be unfamiliar with the flourishing development of the food industry, this unlimited potential, the influential market has also become the focus of our world. Logistics, transportation, and other methods are the conditions[…]

The four gods on the exterior wall of Xidan Civil Aviat…

In ancient times, the ancients divided the sky into the East, West, South, and South, and were named after Qinglong (Canglong), Baihu, Suzaku, and Xuanwu (a turtle-shaped god). In fact, the sky is divided into four parts, formed by connecting the seven main satellites in each part and name[…]

Bamboo leaf stone

Bamboo leaf stone, also known as Wuhuashi, is produced in the foothills of Banjing Village, Hanwang Town, Tongshan County, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The stone name is the leafy limestone of the Cambrian, which is a sedimentary rock of the Cambrian carbonate, with a ha[…]

To the graceful temperature autumn winter underwear won…

Coat, windbreaker, sweater ... .. In the heat of the autumn and winter when you buy a wardrobe or not found the most wild piece of the underwear . Selection of a suitable autumn and winter underwear, to keep the same body weight, Xiao Ya Recommendation: choose the autumn and winter underwear shoul[…]

Girard's GIRDEAR's Limier Limi Women's Fall…

Modern and stylish venue, delicate decoration, clusters of flowers, exquisite wall painting, we are committed to every detail is perfect, I believe you will certainly feel the sincerity of limil! Limil pays attention to sewing techniques, exquisite workmanship, and retains its beauty and elegance […]

Cotton industry chain is in a circle

Following the large-scale relocation of textile companies, the data show that in the first three quarters of this year, many textile and garment companies in China are still in a state of operating losses. There are frequent occurrences of runaways, lost associations, and factory closures […]

XG snow song women share material new era long hair sho…

XG Xuege women's winter fashion trends share, the recent long hair texture gradually formed a novel long woolen cloth style trend, in line with the highlights of the popular fashion trends introduced by the major brands in the fall/winter season. Long hair style will visually give One kind of w[…]