Skirt tide trousers wear 2012 new winter wear

Leading Words : This year's autumn and winter skirts wear new trousers and wear a new wear method once staged, it has won the recognition of several big-name designers, including Chanel, LouisVuitton, Prada, GiambattistaValli, Marni, RobertoCavalli, etc., covers almost all first-line brands, they In their own collection, they have added a new profile of skirts and mix-up trousers. Come and learn a lesson.

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Giambattista Valli, Marni, Roberto Cavalli, and so on cover almost all new brands in their own collections, including skirts and trousers. Today, we have a good analysis for you. The mix of skirts and trousers in the dress can wear a unique fashion sense this autumn and winter.

裙装潮搭裤装 2012秋冬大牌新穿法(图1)

The first to try skirt mix pants, it is necessary to "Hermione" Emma and the devil Anna. Emma’s fashion index in the past year was arrogantly high, and everyone was surprised by his appearance. Her black tube top dress mix and match the straight pants of the same color, modern and stylish, wearing the essence of minimalism in recent years. Anna's culottes bring a sense of futuristic technology.

裙装潮搭裤装 2012秋冬大牌新穿法(图2)

In fact, the skirt mix and match trousers is about the layering of wear, like the Russian celebrities to put together a variety of pattern printing put together, but do not feel cluttered, with the highest realm, the general us, or as the right tide In general, as few colors as possible, simple outlines are not easy to make mistakes.

This year, the brand of T-shirts and skirts with matching trousers is not a single one. This tells us that this trend is surging, and we cannot ignore it at will. Otherwise, we will be abandoned by the trend.

裙装潮搭裤装 2012秋冬大牌新穿法(图3)

Louis Vuitton 2012 autumn and winter series is to take the gorgeous style of travel, the delicate gemstones are paved on the skirt, with the same color or similar color pants, to create aristocratic noble feeling.

裙装潮搭裤装 2012秋冬大牌新穿法(图4)

Chanel's autumn and winter Galeries Lafayette also matched his classic tweed suit with the tights of the style. Unlike the pants of the same color and texture, Lafayette used velvet, woolen or knitwear to create a multi-feeling trousers texture. The suit hits the level of conflict.

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