The lining sells for a steady increase in sales of down apparel fabrics

Lining prices are stable Down sales of fabrics rebound Lining fabrics: In the past week, the transaction volume was basically the same as last week. Ditafu, Chun Yafang <half-shell material series> in this week, although the offer is stable, but the actual transaction in the market still have to allow the price to ship. Water spray Di Mei beautiful, Shu Mei silk market sales this week was "price stable" trend. The frequency of shipments of five satin (printed grey fabrics) has been accelerated recently. Among them, a “five jacquard satin” fabric, with its complex weaving process and novel and unique style, has attracted orders from Nanshang Beijia. The warp of the fabric adopts polyester FDY large light triangular shaped wire 75D; the weft adopts polyester DTY200D, which is a traditional satin weave, and is made by weaving on the water jet (jacquard) loom. The weaving process is unique and the dyeing and finishing technology is advanced. With its beautiful pattern, beautiful color, strong anti-wrinkle and other advantages won the majority of consumers love. Products can be used in addition to the middle and high-end clothing in the material, and widely used in tablecloth placemat fabrics. In terms of color, especially rose, milk white, special black, beige, light coffee, lake blue and other colors favored by merchants. The width of the fabric is 155cm, and the market price per meter is about 3.80 yuan per meter. Terri-lun fabrics are in a stable trend in the early stage, and buyers’ intention to purchase goods has increased recently. The grey fabrics are applied to decorative fabrics through embroidery and coating. The use of knitted warp knitted meshes in the growth of sportswear consumption has promoted its market sales, while the market price has remained steady. Polyester/cotton lining sales have declined and prices have also dropped slightly. Sales of Nissan fabrics are not active, and prices have slightly decreased. From the perspective of downstream weaving, the production of unbalanced fabrics for plain weaving woven linings is still rising. In addition, the lining fabric dyeing process cycle can be shipped within 5 days. From the perspective of the price of fabrics in the market, the level is very poor. The reason is that the weaving companies use different materials, and some of the polyester filaments have a low specification and D-cost price. Therefore, the sales of lining products can certainly benefit. It is expected that the market will continue to adjust next week.

Fabric situation: In the past week, the overall turnover of fabrics has changed little, which is flat compared with last week. The trade of varieties on the market is cold and hot, but due to the arrival of winter, down apparel fabrics usher in sales opportunities. Chunya and Nisifang , Taslan, polyester taffeta and other PU coated white suitable for down jacket fabric white billet, color billet volume rose slightly. The increase in the volume of Oxford cloth in recent days is mainly reflected in the luggage fabrics. Some special adjustments have been made to the price trend. For example, the current price of polyester elastic yarn jacquard Oxford cloth 300D*300D diamond cloth is 4.00 yuan/meter. The pre-selling extinction polyester taffeta has once again increased its market demand and the price trend has been raised at the same time. The full-bomb chunya spinning and full-faced jeanette collections have recently been underpowered, and the oversupply has severely constrained the market price trend. The sales of JET series fabrics rose slightly, but the price trend remained stable, and the island's suede kept a good momentum of sales. Among them, a honeycomb weft suede was favored by merchants, and purchases were quite enthusiastic. The fabric uses the fabric warp yarn polyester DTY75D/72F; the weft yarn uses the island composite yarn 225D as the raw material; the use of double satin weaves on the water jet loom, the cloth surface forms a honeycomb shape. The grey fabric is first refined, alkali reduced, and dyed, and then softened and shaped. The fabric has three-dimensional sense, fine velvet feeling, soft and comfortable, good drape, etc. The fabric can be compounded, printed, embroidered, quilted, embossed, crumpled, punched, Teflon, coated, breathable and breathable Coating, TPU film and other finishing. Applicable to the production of various types of sofas, cushions, bedding, shoes, decorative supplies, etc., can also be used to produce various types of men and women windbreaker, casual wear and so on. The cloth width is 145cm and the fabric weight is 265 (g/m2). The market white cake wholesale price is 6.20-6.60 yuan/m. The products are mainly sold to Shaoxing, Wuhan, Liaoning, and Guangdong. The knitted warp knitted fabrics market has a variety of stagnation, with dull cashmere and imitation cotton linings still appearing weak; while short plush, fluorescent cloths and other products have sporadic shipments. Scarf fabrics have seen an increase in the total number of outsourcing orders in the market this week. Market participants are still confident that they will impose short-term market conditions on the scars. It is expected that as the temperature drops, the transaction volume of cold-proof fabrics may continue to rise.

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