Flat glass mildew paper packaging needs to improve quality

[China Glass Network] With the rapid development of the glass manufacturing industry, especially the mass production of float glass in recent years, the packaging of glass has put forward new requirements for the anti-mildew of glass, and the increasingly competitive market for the manufacturers of glass. A new topic has been proposed accordingly.

At present, glass manufacturers in some areas of China still pay a high amount of compensation for the mildew of glass, causing serious economic losses to enterprises.

Therefore, the rational packaging of glass is not only the appearance, but also the inherent quality requirements, which should be highly valued by glass manufacturers. It should be said that the anti-mold paper packaging work of glass has been officially put on the agenda. A large number of facts prove that the packaging of flat glass anti-mold paper has also been recognized by glass manufacturers and users, and it is not allowed in the development of glass industry. Part of the split.

During the storage, transportation and use of flat glass, due to the contact of the glass door and the presence of the surface hardness of the glass surface, it is easy to cause scratches. At the same time, due to the physical changes and chemical changes of the glass surface, it is exposed to high temperatures in different biological areas. Mildew phenomena such as rainbow, white spots, opacity and adhesive sheets are produced by the influence of high humidity and climatic conditions.

The anti-mold agent solution with mildewproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion is sprayed and compounded on the packaging base paper to produce a new type of glass mildewproof paper, which can be used in the glass interlayer to kill or inhibit the growth of mold and protect it. Corrosion resistance, cover layer and protective film effectively protect the film surface of the glass, prevent mold, and act as a cushion for the glass door friction. In order to protect the flat glass from the mold and pad, one must ensure that there is a qualified paper, and the second is to have a mold-proof agent based on scientific methods. Otherwise, it is not a true tablet. Glass mildew paper.

Flat glass, especially float glass, abrasion, mold and paper printing are obvious to the transportation, storage, sales and after-sales service of glass. They often pay high compensation for neglecting strict packaging, or greatly affect manufacturers. The reputation of losing a rare market share makes the company bear the loss it should not have.

Due to the current differences in the work of packaging management in the industry, the production of mold-proof paper manufacturers is not fixed, the quality is not guaranteed, so that some good quality mildew paper can not be promoted and applied. On the contrary, some recycled papers, recycled paper, ordinary wrapping paper, and inferior papers that do not spray any chemicals are flooding the market, and there is no way to test the mildew, nor to strictly follow the standard specifications, etc., but Due to low cost, easy production, and relatively low price, it is easily accepted by some glass manufacturers. The quality of the real mildewproof paper is often rejected by some glass manufacturers because of the high cost. In fact, some small paper mills know little about the moldy principle of flat glass, and the mildew paper sprayed by the produced water. No, what are the ingredients of the syrup synthesis, whether there are strict formulations, whether there are artificial accelerated experiments, PH values ​​and other testing methods, people are completely ignorant, of course, the fiber arrangement of the paper in the glass liner is rarely considered, and the longitudinal and transverse tension of the paper And other factors.

In fact, these small paper mills belong to non-standard production, and manufacturers that have not been certified by relevant departments only use marketing means to drill the market's irregular gaps. The result is that the interests of the state and enterprises are damaged. Therefore, we believe that the standard production and standard application of flat glass anti-mold paper is an important task in the glass packaging work, and it is worthy of further improvement of our understanding and ideological attention.

Of course, further exploration and research on the stability of anti-mold paper performance is a long-term issue. He requires production and management to constantly research, improve and improve with a rigorous scientific attitude, with a view to new breakthroughs.

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