How about the price of coral stone bracelet?

What is the price of coral stone bracelets on the market now? What is the market situation? Xiaobian will analyze it for you.

The price of coral stone bracelet is mainly determined by factors such as color, appearance and single size.

Most of the red coral bracelets are still Italian sardines. The higher the price of red, the higher the deep red.

Under the same quality, the bracelet of the bead is expensive.

Generally, the bracelet of the three-strand braided rope of about 3mm, the retail price is below 100.

The 4mm of the bead is always red, the gloss is good, the retail price is about 120, the quality is good, the color is deep, and the price is higher.

The price of 6mm is 200 per gram. The price is better and the price is higher.

The price of the mall is higher.

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