To the graceful temperature autumn winter underwear wondrous wear

Coat, windbreaker, sweater ... .. In the heat of the autumn and winter when you buy a wardrobe or not found the most wild piece of the underwear . Selection of a suitable autumn and winter underwear, to keep the same body weight, Xiao Ya Recommendation: choose the autumn and winter underwear should focus on three-dimensional and plastic body, which sets off the tall and straight for the body and maintain the curve of the body are very helpful.

The following brings you the most ingenious shaping and warm underwear match this season. Let us wear beautiful, warm autumn and winter.

Style 1. Stretch tight knit dress


The most troubled women in autumn and winter dress is nothing more than "bloated fat", the use of Lycra and other excellent elastic fabric knit skirts can be the first to solve this problem for us, warm and comfortable but also can tightly wrap the body.

Underwear with Tips:

要风度也要温度 秋冬内衣的奇妙穿搭

Choose a supportive, wearing a fitting comfortable underwear to shape your perfect curve, it not only helps you to heal the excess fat back, but also the perfect cover gathered breast shape, so that you put a good figure exposed. Customized jacquard shoulder strap with more sexy and sexy Oh!

Women's Cardigan

Multi-Color Knitted Cardigan,Women`S Cardigan,Loose Fit Sweater,Female Knitted Cardigan

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