Girard's GIRDEAR's Limier Limi Women's Fall Winter 2014--FASHION SHOW

Modern and stylish venue, delicate decoration, clusters of flowers, exquisite wall painting, we are committed to every detail is perfect, I believe you will certainly feel the sincerity of limil!

Limil pays attention to sewing techniques, exquisite workmanship, and retains its beauty and elegance in style while adding some fashion elements to become more stylish and modern. Skilled craftsmen carry service and tailor-made garments, and provide lifelong modifications to wedding dresses.

The catwalk showcased a number of limil boutique collections, including the “New Modern City” ready-to-wear collection, the “Masterpiece” dress collection, the “Love of Allure” wedding series, the “Starry” collection of jewelry, and the “kids” series. Let baby share the noble life with you.

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