2012 spring summer summer fabric personalized warm will be popular

Warm and cold colors of the opposite style, multi-element mix, breaking the conventional performance practices, is the focus of spring and summer 2012 fabric trends and popular elements. Color, with distinctive warm color-based, metal color became the focus of attention. Ichō Fashionsystem's artistic director Chi Ichiri pointed out that the autumn and winter of 2011 to 2012, the application of color in clothing will be a turning point. Yellow, red and other warm colors will replace white and blue. However, this does not mean that cool colors disappear from here. Cool and warm colors will co-exist in the design of the new season, cool colors will become the background color to set off warm and bright. Due to technical progress, the contradictory color of "cold in yellow" can also be displayed in the eyes of people through technological means, such as fabrics with golden, light and reflective effects. In the field of construction, the progress and development of technology and raw materials make it possible to design unconventional arcs and asymmetrical shapes, and the same is true in the fashion industry. The use of ultra-fine fiber materials, as well as a variety of different raw materials in the textile processing of the composite use of design and development of different texture and appearance of the fabric is cause for concern. Not only that, the combination of textile raw materials and design of the secondary processing approach has become prominent style. After a fixed pleat processing practices, to better the performance of fabric volume and texture, pure color fabric after twist, stacking and other modeling processing, can change the abstract pattern and multiple texture visual effects. Some manufacturers believe that, as a fabric supplier, should not only put the finished fabric to the customer, but also should be applied for garment manufacturing solutions to answer customer's various design problems, and the next design work closely with clothing . The other industries in the new technology, waste, etc. used in fabric design and development, but also the performance of the new season popular fabrics. Like making origami games, it is entirely possible to machine fabrics. For example, in riddled superthin fabrics and 3D three-dimensional fabrics for digital printing, the structure of the sandwich-like multi-level structure, highlighting the texture of the fabric contains features and so on. Comprehensive use of rich design techniques, dazzling.

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