Shenzhen Fashion Business Delegation Makes a Distinguished Look at London Fashion Week

"FASHIONSHENZHEN" whipped up a whirlwind in the old fashioned city of London. Yesterday, more than 20 enterprise delegations from famous fashion brand companies in Shenzhen held a large-scale fashion industry promotion conference in London, the birthplace of the concept of fashion, to promote Shenzhen's garment industry to London and even the world, and to show the world “Shenzhen. "Apparel" style.

Shen Yongfang, secretary general of the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, introduced that London Fashion Week is the highest-profile fashion event in the UK and one of the four largest fashion shows in the world. London Fashion Week is known for its diversification, vibrant energy and creativity. In the world fashion industry has a great influence, is the best stage for Chinese designers and brands to board the international fashion industry.

In order to promote the development of the European market of Shenzhen apparel industry and European economic and trade cooperation, at the invitation of the British-Chinese Trade Association, from September 17 to 21, the delegation was led by Lu Jian, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Information Industry, and the Municipal Commission of Industry, Trade, Trade and Industry , the Municipal Garment Industry Association co-organized the “2010 Shenzhen Fashion Industry Promotion Conference” (FASHIONSHENZHEN), which consists of 20 well-known Shenzhen fashion brands, including Ge Lisi, Aoni, Aite, Gulanxiu, Mulan, and Auspicious Zhai. The Shenzhen delegation debuted at the 26th London Fashion Week.

Shen Yongfang introduced that as one of the most developed cities in the Chinese fashion industry, especially branded apparel, the overall R&D and design level of the fashion industry in Shenzhen ranks first in China, with fashion women being the most prominent, regardless of the number of brands, the number of companies, or the production value. Ranked first in domestic cities. It is reported that Shenzhen currently has more than 2,500 garment companies, 400,000 employees, and more than 800 clothing brands. In 2009, it achieved a production value of 130 billion yuan (14.9 billion euros) and exported 6.9 billion euros. Shenzhen is a well-deserved garment city. .

During the exhibition, the Shenzhen delegation not only organized a clothing exhibition, but also organized a fashion show and a clothing industry promotion conference. It displayed a number of excellent designers' branded apparel on the international stage and showed Shenzhen fashion in China to the international fashion industry, media and the public. The top achievements in the field of design embody Shenzhen's colorful modern dress culture and fashion trends.

Talking about this trip to London, the person in charge of the exhibitors felt a lot of emotions. They all said that performing on the top fashion platform and in an international atmosphere helped further strengthen the east-west fashion exchange and cooperation and promote Shenzhen. The garment industry has integrated into the international fashion circle, shaping the Shenzhen women's regional brand with more international competitiveness. Xia Guoxin, deputy chairman of China Garment Association and chairman of Geli Si, believes that going abroad to participate in exhibitions will greatly expand the international space of the garment industry in Shenzhen and bring a broader international perspective and international channels to the Shenzhen fashion industry.

“Good clothes are not only in France, Italy, but also in China, in Shenzhen!” Yang Fan, Chairman of Shenzhen Auspicious Clothing Co., Ltd. spoke about this time when he went abroad to participate in the exhibition. “Amazing,” this is a foreign counterpart to China’s original clothing. The brand's evaluation. She told reporters that some of the costumes she brought were hand-made, embroidered, and the costumes of Oriental charm that could be worn in life. Foreign counterparts appreciated it very much, and there were many clothes ordered without exhibitors. Yang Fan confidently introduced, "Our things are the world's NO. 1! are original, Oriental products!"

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