Buy diamond ring from the ornamental direction

For the diamond ring, the diamond is a fascinating thing, so many consumers will pick it up when they choose the diamond. However, in addition to the consideration of the choice of diamonds, there is also the choice of fingers and rings are also included in the ornamental. Therefore, if we only focus on material selection when purchasing diamond rings, it is definitely wrong. Next, let's take a look at how to choose a diamond ring that focuses on your fingers.

If your fingers are long and slender, and have a fair and delicate skin, it is undoubtedly the best hand to wear a diamond ring. Diamond rings of any color and style will shine on such fingers. The delicate diamond ring style makes the ring match the slim fingers. If you wear a large ring with a thick line, your fingers will look more delicate and feminine under the contrast and contrast of the ring.

People with large palms and large fingers should avoid using small and delicate rings when choosing and wearing diamond rings. Because the contrast between the thick hand and the fine ring makes the hand bigger and the ring smaller. But it is not suitable for wearing a large diamond ring, because the big hand and big ring will make people feel rough. You can choose a medium size ring, diamond ring or jade ring.

The fingers are short and the knuckles are obvious. If you wear an irregular shape ring, you can change the shape of the fingers that are not good-looking. The "V" shaped ring works better because the tip of the "V" shape points to the palm and causes a slight increase in the finger due to visual guidance. It is better for people with short fingers to wear a line with a smooth line. Avoid wearing a ring or a large ring.

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