Cotton vice prices stop falling to stabilize trading warmer

Recently, the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar fell, international crude oil prices rose, and the country’s economic growth rate in the second quarter of this year was in line with market expectations. In addition, the major U.S. rice producing areas continued to be mainly hot and dry weather this week, causing U.S. Certainly, prices have risen in an upturn, which has brought support to the domestic cotton secondary market. During the weekend, the prices of domestic cotton by-products mostly stabilized and stabilized, and market transactions in some regions were warming.

During the weekend, domestic cottonseed prices were relatively stable. In recent days, the downstream products of cottonseeds have been flat, and the oil plants have become increasingly cautious in purchasing cottonseeds, which has restricted the market for cottonseeds. However, with the impact of weather factors in the United States, domestic and international oil and fat prices have risen sharply, which has brought bullish support to cottonseeds and their products. It is expected that the market price will rise and fall.

The domestic cotton oil market recovered and the prices were mostly stable. Supported by the external market rally, the domestic spot prices of soybean oil and palm oil rebounded from the market, benefiting more from the cotton oil market. Prices were mostly stabilized and stabilized. Coupled with the contraction in the supply of cotton oil, the market will gradually withdraw from the blending market and turn into production areas directly. Consumption, small bags of equipment and goods will also start in late July, it is expected that the price of cotton oil futures is easy to rise and fall.

The market for domestic cottonseed meal is still good, and the market remains stable. Affected by the weather in the major crop producing areas of the United States, the prices of soybean meal both at home and abroad have increased, together with the general shutdown of oil plants, and the supply of cottonseed meal has been greatly reduced. Most of the holders of the stocks are still optimistic about the market outlook and the market performance is strong.

Domestic cotton linter prices are mostly stable. At present, the operating rate of the oil plant is not high, and the output of cotton linters is limited. Most of the oil plants have a good sales mentality and provide more support for short cashmere. However, the enthusiasm of chemical fiber factories and refined cotton mills entering the market is not high, the demand for short-staple terminal is not good, and the price rebound is still weak. It is expected that the weakness will remain stable in the short term.

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