Teach you how to distinguish between linen and half linen

Flax is a kind of plant. It can extract fiber. Unlike other fibers such as soy fiber, seaweed fiber, bamboo fiber, and wood fiber, flax itself is mainly cellulose, and it does not need chemical process purification. It is pure natural fiber in the true sense, and Cotton and silk are pure. Flax fiber is the earliest natural fiber used by mankind. It is the only bundled plant fiber in natural fiber. It has a natural spindle-shaped structure and a unique pectinous beveled hole. It is unique in icy, sweat-absorbent, breathable, low-static, anti-corrosion. Functional, and very significant, pure linen clothes wear on the body temperature and the ambient temperature difference of 4,5 degrees, very suitable for summer wear, people say that linen fiber is "fiber Queen", so the price is relatively expensive.

Flax fiber is the finest fiber in hemp, and its length is not long. Ramie fiber has the characteristics of strong pulling force, softness, good fineness, weak conductivity, fast water absorption, high expansion rate, etc. Therefore, the textile process has high requirements. Spinning high-grade yarn advanced fabrics, worsted linen is mainly used in the production of shirt fabrics, a linen shirt is the most sought-after products, deeply loved by European and American rich people, is said to be a symbol of nobility.

The price of high-quality pure linen sold on the market is higher. The price also reflects the quality of the linen. Most of the cheap linen is woven into short fibers. Individual merchants sell half linen and cotton linen mixed with linen, and we can use the following methods to distinguish between them.

(1) Check whether the thickness of the latitude and longitude lines is uniform. If the latitude and longitude lines are too uniform, it may be a cotton fabric.

(2) Tighten the pattern to check the density of the braid.

(3) The high-quality linens are brown, glossy and evenly absorbed. Hemp is not good, it is processed into a soft fiber linen, uneven water absorption, will turn black after getting wet.

Linen dress

(4) Outside worsted linen, the less the surface plush, the better.

(5) The vertical and horizontal tightness of the linen is different.

(6) Pull a thread. If the two ends have bends and points*, the thread is cotton. The linen lines that are torn off should be smooth at both ends, otherwise they are impure.

(7) If caustic soda is applied to the canvas, the linen will appear brown and the cotton cloth will be light yellow.

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