Everyone has an own bra underwear you picked it?

Regardless of intellectual workplace beauty, home gentle little woman, just debut pure MM or gas court MILF, everyone has a bra underwear in their own mind, exclusive to your color and cup, easy to control the style of self, Are you pick it?


【Figure: Carrie poetry 2013 spring and summer models】

Classic 3/4 cup type, the thin under the thick cup, effectively gather, focus on the chest, chicken heart, ready to show off your perfect career it? Butterfly under the bit, the bitter effect is better, even if the wear all day, but also to maintain the bra does not shift.

每个人都有一件自己专属的文胸内衣  你挑好了吗?

【Figure: Carrie poetry 2013 spring and summer models】

Pierced lace Bra, the perfect docile, looming highlights the natural beauty of the female breast shape, full coverage of the big cup design, more wrapped; exquisite lace, noble and elegant, to strengthen the ears and clip folder wrapped degrees Combination, to strengthen gathers, sexy temptation.

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