Talented men work together Tony Leung Chae Wah 2013 autumn and winter advertising blockbuster release

Talented men's autumn and winter 2013 new advertising blockbuster finally baked it! This time, the talented men once again work together with Tony Leung Chiu Wai filming autumn and winter 2013 commercials, continue to choose Tony Leung interpretation of the genius men's brand culture. At present, the talented men's official microblogging "Watch Talent TVC win fashion gift" campaign is also hot. From August 12 to August 31, just pay attention to the talented official microblogging: @ TRIES Talented men, watch TV 2013 Autumn TV, forwarding comments and @ three friends. Or through WeChat, pay attention to the talented official WeChat: TRIES Talent Men, participate in WeChat interaction. Weekly brand custom gifts sent, limited to participate in the number! Look at the film style, double good gift to send non-stop! Come and join! Talented men, founded in 1983, adhering to the Chinese national culture, with international thinking to create fashion boutique, the first Chinese culture brand. With forward-looking thinking, talent people continue to achieve breakthrough business development. The introduction of international elite designer force, to strengthen the research and development of high-end products; Film Tony Leung's continued endorsement, deepen the brand image; and CCTV reached a long-term strategic partnership, based on CCTV accurate dissemination, occupying the minds of consumers; for Netease, Sohu and other Internet communications. At the same time, the international well-known brand planning company to join, a comprehensive display of brand image of international and product quality.


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