The formation of Hetian jade seed material

The ancients used jade to compare people with jade. There is a beauty talk about "the gentleman has no reason, the jade does not leave, the warmth is like jade, the white is like jade". The Qing Dynasty was also the most prosperous period of Baiyu. How is Hetian Seed Jade formed? Is it made by the mountain material washed by water? Is the original ore body of the seed material a mountain material? Most of the material is said to be melted by the mountain material due to ice and snow. The weathered collapsed and rushed into the rushing river, and then washed through hundreds of kilometers of river water, the edges and corners were subsequently worn away, and finally the current ovate seeds were formed.

According to the formation of Hetian jade seed material, what is the basis of this statement? According to four:

1. The seed material is produced in the Yulong Kashi River bed, and water is a natural tool for carrying jade and jade.

2. Hetian Yushan is produced on the iceberg at the source of the Yulong Kashi River.

3. In the riverbed at the foot of the source of the Yulong Kashi River, there are indeed mountain water raw materials washed away by water to remove some of the angular edges.

4. The mountain water raw material is washed and honed by more than 200 kilometers of flood water, and washed into the flat Hetian city section of the Yulong Kashi River. It is deposited and naturally has no corners and is ground into pebbled seeds.

The formation of Hetian jade seed material, a lot of facts prove that the seed material is not washed by the flooding of the mountain material, that is to say, the original mineral of the seed material is not a mountain material, and it is another kind of primary mineral like the mountain material. body. There are six arguments:

1. The source of the Yulong Kashi River, at the foot of the iceberg that flows out of the mountain, is about 270 kilometers away from Hotan City, where the seed material is produced. In the 270-kilometer riverbed, from the iceberg that flows out of the mountain, there are only a few rivers flowing down into the riverbed about 20 kilometers. From the 20km down to the more than 200km of this riverbed, there is no jade at all. From about 200 kilometers down to 270 kilometers, the riverbed is the main part of the seed production. Some people say that there are no jade in the middle section for more than 180 kilometers. It is because the water flow is too urgent, and the jade material cannot survive. It is because the flood has washed the jade to the downstream. Is the flow rate of the river more than 20 kilometers ahead not more urgent? Why is it more or less jade in that period? And in this 180-kilometer section, why is it that no matter how big or small a piece of jade is? It is an ovate stone. There is no piece of jade. The stone is not washed away by the water. The jade, which is much larger than the stone, is washed away by the water. Therefore, "because the water is too fast, the jade can't stay." The explanation is naturally untenable.

2. From the texture of jade, the jade quality of the mountain water and the jade quality of the seed jade are not the same. The texture of the seed jade is more delicate than the mountain water, more moist and more colorful. Some people say that this is because the seed material is washed away by a stream of water to remove a rough layer of skin outside the mountain material, leaving only the middle part, of course, better. But the texture I said is not bad outside, the middle is good, the erosion of water is impossible to change the texture and color of jade, it is impossible to wash the rough into fine, and can not wash the warm color into cold Hue. For example, in order to sell the mountain material to the good price of the seed material, many people will not hesitate to make a fake, cut the edge of the mountain material, and then put it into the roller machine and roll it with the sand stone. The artificially ground seed jade will do the same. It became. Is this kind of seed material just fine? It is still not good, and people with a little experience can see it from a mountain.

3. The seed material has five basic colors such as white, blue, blue, yellow and ink. At the source of the Yulong Kashi River, there are only two kinds of jade materials, white jade and sapphire. There is no Bi, ink or topaz at all. Then where is the blue, ink and topaz in the river? What's more, the color of the seed is not a block. The same, and the mountain material is basically the same in a pit.

4. The seed material is an egg type washed by mountain material, but there are many pieces of seed material with a half stone and a half jade symbiosis. If the above logic is true, then there should be no such phenomenon. Because we all know that jade stone is harder and more wear-resistant, and jade is ground into an extremely smooth pebbles. Can the stone still be there?

5. From the distribution of the texture and color of the seed material in the river, I have observed through many years of observation that the jade material with the same color, texture, block shape, performance and even the skin color is basically produced in the same paragraph. In the river, there is very little confusion. As long as you bring a piece of jade, we basically know where it is in the river and which part, which is basically the same as the output of the mountain. If the water is washed down, it is impossible to have such a clear distinction.

6. From the Gobi Desert in the eastern part of the Hotan area from the Nurdosi of the Cele County to the more than 160 km of the Fury of the Moyu County, there are various kinds of seed jade and Gobi materials. Is this a square of more than 900 square meters? Is the jade in the Gobi Desert washed away from the river? I don’t think so.

In summary, the seed material is formed by volcanic eruptions hundreds of millions of years ago. This ovate primary ore body remains on the seabed, and then undergoes crustal changes and orogeny. The land in Xinjiang has changed from the sea to the land, and the seed material. It also came to the surface and formed the current situation. Therefore, the seed material is not washed by the mountain material. The mountain material is not the mother, the seed material is not the son, they are also the same kind of minerals. Coherent primary ore body.

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