UO Federal Republic of EU and Belle first strategic cooperation Huixian store grand opening

UO Federal Republic of Germany men's new store opened again! This time, the Federal Republic of Europe and Belle Belle International brand "Tao Bo campaign" reached a strategic cooperation, as the first stop of cooperation, UO successfully settled in Huixian City, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. Two powerful brand combination, by virtue of each other's advantages, UO Huixian shop will be gorgeous bloom. This is also a milestone in UO's expansion of the northern market following the opening of UO's flagship store in Shanxi Gaoping. Top Sports (Shenzhen Top Tao Sports Trading Co., Ltd.), Belle is the international sports line of business, there are nine branches in the country, the headquarters in Shanghai. Shanghai Tao stroke sports business headquarters, responsible for the nine branches of the country's service, support, guidance and supervision. Belle's rich operational experience and cooperation between UO and Tao Bo are also a mutual learning process. Federation of European men's price positioning Men's mid-range, the main consumer group of 25-40-year-old middle-aged consumer, the core target group of 28-35 years old. Men's series of brands, pay attention to the series with a series of products. Uphold the "innovative and enterprising, the pursuit of excellence" concept, "UO Federal Republic of Germany" is rapidly developing, promoting brand building, to achieve higher goals. Federal Europeland men look forward to more men of insight to join our family, to realize the dream of wealth! The existing chain of nearly 300 outlets, is a steady pace of development, rapid development of the market in the country, especially the southern market, has formed a certain brand awareness and reputation. While specializing in deep-seated market network, the company is now gradually expanding its chain stores to Central South, West and North markets and eventually will make the "UO Federal Republic of Germany" a leading brand in men's apparels.

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