2012 Asia Miss Ten Top Asian sister VITA joined hands with Defena large show unlimited scenery

December 15, "ATV 2012 Miss Asia campaign", Asian sister "Greater China Finals" the last ten strong, at the ATV total station was born, the smooth qualifying are (1) Huang Bi'an, (3) Chen Yanrong, (4) Morning, (8) Yan Yan, (9) Ye Shiqi, (10) Xu Min, (11) Fu Rong, (13) Meng Dan Jue, (14 Chen Wei Chen, (20) Kong 芊 芊. The competition with "across the beautiful space-time" as the theme, beautiful show big body at the same time, it is talent to do. Vita Tsybulska, the runner-up to Miss Asia 2010 and runner-up to Miss Most Skating, partnered with Defena Lingerie for the contest.


It is reported that, since VITA handbags with Fenner underwear, its tall figure, hot body and elegant underwear Lingerie Fennel underwear products perfect fusion, opening a different kind of fashion trip. A common interpretation of a woman's mystery and temptation, the woman's sexy and elegant contrast most vividly, together to create a Chinese fashion brand of women's underwear. According to Devena underwear revealed that since last year, Defena Group has maintained a good trend of rapid growth in the domestic market, and continue to introduce high-quality, diversified products, so that all sectors of society and ladies of different ages can have Beautiful posture! And take the country to enter the 2012 China Australia China Textile and Apparel Show, which is the first step to the world Fenner Fenina, but also the underwear enterprises in Shenzhen Baotuan to enter the international market a useful attempt to enhance the Shenzhen brand in the international market competitiveness keep trying!

2012亚洲小姐十强出炉 前亚姐VITA携手迪芬娜大秀无限风光

Defina Underwear (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Defina Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., which is a high-level underwear company integrating product development, design, production and marketing. Divina Group's development strategy is "based in Hong Kong, backed by the motherland, the world", under the guidance of this strategic thinking, Divina (Divona) Group in underwear export sales have made remarkable achievements, according to According to statistics from the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong, Divona Group sold more than 30 million underwear re-exported to Hong Kong via Hong Kong in 2004 and was awarded the "No. 1 Outsourcing Sales of Chinese Underwear" by China Enterprise Evaluation Association honor certificate. Divona Group at the same time with the "integrity, efficiency and excellence" corporate culture and business philosophy in the international market with many customers to establish a long-term and stable cooperative partnership.

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Supply Type: Make-to-Order

Type: Denim Fabric

Pattern: Plain Dyed

Style: washing

Use: Dress, Garment, Jean, Shirt

Yarn Count: Cotton

Color: Indigo

Usage: Skirt, jeans, dress

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