Look at Loulan Moyu: Turning "Rotten" into a magical

Perhaps, you used to treat Hetian jade as a favorite, perhaps, you have not bought jade. However, as their prices have soared, for most of the jade people, they can only be discouraged.

Loulan Moyu is an ancient beauty stone. It originated from a volcanic eruption that has not been verified, and it has experienced the rise and fall of the ancient country of Loulan. For thousands of years, it has been scattered in the desert.

Nowadays, in the hands of a group of skilled craftsmen, Loulan Moyu has become a new aristocrat in jade carving art through fashionable design, careful carving and polishing. Like the peerless beauty, the clear water is hibiscus, radiant. Although there is no expensive appearance of Hetian jade, the beauty and grace of Loulan Moyu is not inferior.

Compared with the most well-known Hetian jade, jade jade carving and Shoushan stone carving, Loulan Moyu material has three major advantages:

First, the hardness is large. Loulan Moyu is a chalcedony texture, and its hardness is rare. The size of Mohs is an important criterion for determining the value of a gem. The higher the hardness, the higher the density, the finer the gem texture, and the brighter the polishing. Generally, the hardness of jade is 3 to 4 degrees Moss, Hetian jade is 6 to 6.5, and jadeite can only reach 6.5 to 7 degrees Moss. The hardness of Loulan Moyu can reach 7 to 7.5 degrees Celsius. The surface of the jade carving made by such hardness is as fine as the gel, and the light can be seen.

The second is rich in color. Hetian jade has white jade, sapphire, ink jade, and topaz. Loulan Moyu has red, orange, yellow and green colors, covering the color of all jade species, and at the same time has the purity of jade and the beauty of Shoushan Stone. On these colorful jade, there are often a variety of wonderful mixed colors, with unexpected effects, unpredictable. The lingering in these natural colors will evoke the distant memories of the heavens and the earth, the virgins, and the secrets of the heavens and the earth, in this jade.

The third is transparent. The beauty of jade lies in the fact that the water is also true and illusory. After the carving and polishing, Loulan Moyu presents the same fleshy and transparent flesh. From the perspective of texture, there are ice species, glass species, and dreamlike violets. The color overflows in the jade, the shade is very good. Looking back at the light, it is faintly visible like snow-covered texture. Because it is as cloud-like as it is, it is called Xiangyun back grain. This is the unique feature of Loulan Moyu.

Loulan Moyu quickly became the newest in the jade carving collection with its unique advantages. According to the size of the material, from the ornaments, handles to pendants, the beauty of Loulan Moyu can be described as infinite. Most of the Loulan jade carvings of the Loulan are made from the original stone with ordinary shape and even bumps and damages, turning "waste" into treasure. This does not mean that such "cuttings" are readily available. Even for small pendants, it is necessary to pick out the raw materials without cracks and impurities. It takes a lot of work to find such jade in the desert, even one in ten thousand. If the beauty of Loulan Moyu relies on natural beauty, then the jade carving after the fine carving is the perfect combination of heaven and labor. After the carving, the jade is a good use of the color and shape of the original stone, and it is also a design that is so fascinating.

A piece of beautiful jade, wading through the mountains, tens of thousands of years to come to you, no matter what shape it is transformed into, stroking its halo, gazing at its color, the eternal connection between man and the earth is at this moment.

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