Thick warmth from waflow flowers in the warm autumn and winter of 2012

The end of the disillusionment did not happen on schedule, only the cold is still raging, monotonous and cold life, such days, there is always some warmth warmth our body and mind. waflow Water flower (), 2012 autumn and winter "thick warmth" series, in our conservative but somewhat conservative cold years, bring you a different kind of warm feelings. Simple and elegant printing features, far beyond the traditional wear in the suit, in close contact with the skin, warmer and more comfortable, like a warm wind gently passing, always have a natural flavor, bringing you to the fashion sense.

Classic and innovative design, tranquil and warm temperament, waflow flowers in the water, always bring elegant grace in your brilliant surprise!

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Chest lace gauze decoration, winter can make you become the focus of everyone's attention

浓浓暖意 来自waflow水中花2012秋冬的温暖

Colorful dreams rose red printing, cleverly show the unique qualities of women

浓浓暖意 来自waflow水中花2012秋冬的温暖

Printed on a classic black plaid pink plaid printing, both traditional and not silly

浓浓暖意 来自waflow水中花2012秋冬的温暖

Simple geometric patterns of the atmosphere, to create a diverse aesthetic

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