Stockings maintenance and matching techniques

Stockings maintenance and matching techniques Hot weather has caused many women to wear stockings. However, details are still very important in some important occasions.

If you meet some important formal occasions, the quality of stockings needs to be focused. The important feature of excellent stockings is the addition of high-tech Leica fibers, and the yarn elasticity coefficient chosen is usually better and thinner, and it is very comfortable and breathable on the feet. Ordinary stockings are woven into a traditional cylindrical weave. However, people's legs are not cylindrical, high-grade stockings will weave the entire leg type and foot type, and adopt the scientific elastic coefficient ratio on the elasticity coefficient, so that the woven stockings have uniform color and no color difference. In addition, superior stockings usually use a fishnet weaving method, where a broken wire will only stay in a small area and will not spread out.

If you want to use stockings with professional dress, you may wish to use some of the net-colored stockings, such as dark professional assembly of dark silk, light-colored clothing with light-colored silk stockings; simple cut, clear-colored tops, coupled with a detailed pattern of stockings , can increase the feeling of beauty;

The color of the stockings and shoes must be matched, and the color of the stockings should be slightly lighter than the color of the shoes. White stockings and white shoes can easily make people look bloated and lower your vision height and should be avoided. Transparent stockings are only suitable for slender female legs. If your legs are slightly thicker, choose stockings that are darker in color. Stockings with a vertical pattern will effectively visually tighten and lengthen your legs.

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