Summer summer series rang-ai love to walk with you all the way

High temperatures and heat have begun to get on track, the hot days of the day may have let you out of breath, perhaps it is time to go out to get some relief to the seaside peace of mind of a vacation, fled like a stove-like rage, just let yourself Heart to make room to enjoy the beautiful scenery. rang-ai Let love ladies summer vacation series, stunning print dress allows you with a wonderful mood with love on the road.


Printing should be a very high appearance rate this summer, beautiful and beautiful colors to wear on the body will even be the mood has become wonderful, like falling into the sea of ​​flowers, filled with the fragrance of the world blowing. This print dress in yellow tones, filled with lively and warm atmosphere, shoulder fold design and waist tighten the style, connecting the long skirt, the whole body elongated lines, it is both elegant and with vitality.

夏日度夏系列 rang-ai让爱一路与你同行

This sleeveless princess dress, black shoulder design compilation of the classic and noble temperament, the wide skirt can cover the body anywhere excess, embarrassing flesh, so shy they all hide in a loose skirt Inside, heavy skirts to create a princess dress cute breath, gorgeous print is eye-catching lore weapon.

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