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Parents in the purchase of children's clothing, the fabric breathable, environmental safety as the first purchase standards. Children's wear is the second skin of children, the domestic high-end fashion children's clothing brand T100 adhere to the elite family lifestyle designer and provider of brand positioning, all the clothing after disinfection to the market, the real concern for children's healthy dress, to provide children with the most comfortable Wear experience. One of the carefully selected raw materials, how to design for the elite family, parenting and children's fashion apparel fashion as the main product, but also the T100 has been studying the subject in addition. In the details of the design integration of fashion elements, exquisite texture, rigorous lines coupled with the contemporary sense of creativity, showing the T100 parent-child clothing British style, aristocratic Fan brand personality, intertwined high-grade family life attitude. The attitude of the elite families from the T100 "sailing series" is not difficult to see that the entire series imitation Tencel high density twill, mohair green chinos, imitation Tencel, fine cotton and other high-quality fabrics, making the fabric softer, Thin, delicate, summer personal clothing breathable and sweat better. This season sailing style is more emphasis on the sailor's shape, anchors, helm wheel patterns everywhere, striped pattern is the interpretation of the immortal soul of the soul of the sea wind. BOY: Sunshine holiday stitching shirt made of imitation Tencel high-density cotton twill has the characteristics of soft touch, good hygroscopicity and breathability, combined with the hottest twill elements of the season, intertwining the attitude of high-grade families. Take the beige anti-foot embroidered casual pants, elegant fashion. Hot printing elements vest lovely ship, edging hit color design, so that the soul of the sea wind refreshing, more colorful, put it, to start our voyage it! GIRL: bow vividly interpreted the savage little princess's sweet temperament, fresh and gorgeous fine cotton fabric made of sundresses, so that the best season will always stay in the hearts of girls. Fabric texture thin, with a visual cooling effect, it seems divergent fragrance, comfortable fabric soft sweat, strap style was cute, exquisite hem hem beautiful, with pleated red shorts, coupled with a bow, eye-catching eye-catching. Since its inception, T100 Parenting & Children's Wear has not only designed apparel products that provide children's fashion and parent-child fashion, but also convey the lifestyle of elite families. For the ever-changing children's clothing market, the demand for the domestic children's clothing market has changed from the simple dressing needs to the pursuit of safety, green, environmental protection and health. T100 parent-child children's clothing will continue to strictly control product quality and safety, adhere to the high-end fashion positioning for the elite families to provide fashion clothing.

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