A / E Lianuosu Gothic breeze blowing retro soft autumn and winter

As a fashionista, if you are a senior Diablo Gothic control, then this autumn and winter is to show you the gloomy, alternative aesthetic of the best season, A / E Lian Nuo Fashion Women's 2012 autumn and winter to Gothic style interpretation of the sexy girl's personality , Avant-garde bold in a trace of nostalgia, tolerance aftertaste! Simple and neat silhouette makes the cool design more feminine, will give the retro style of the new soft style ...


A / E 2012 Autumn / Winter A / E Brand Fashion In the gothic dark atmosphere, the color is still deep, but the fabrics are more varied and even luxurious. The A / E brand has won many garments with high-quality design concept and high-end craftsmanship Franchisee 's praise.

A/E连奴大吹哥特风 复古柔美玩转秋冬

A / E Brand Fashion This quarter of the Gothic series uses a thick velvet, brocade, embroidery, with feather, thin silk, chiffon and other light fabrics in stark contrast, impressed ...

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