How to classify sapphire

How to classify sapphire Sapphire is one of the most productive jades in Hetian Yuzhong, and it is also one of the least favored. However, the texture of sapphire is almost the same as that of mutton jade, but due to the relatively large amount of output, it is not highly valued by collectors. Its color is a transition from light green to dark blue, with bamboo leaves, shrimp, blue green, Yang Liuqing and so on. Zhu Yeqing is the most common of these.

The primary color of the primary sapphire is cyan, the color is soft, the jade is delicate, there is oily luster, it is semi-transparent, and there are few impurities, such as chapped cracks. This kind of jade is very good, or it is worth collecting.

The secondary sapphire medium sapphire color is cyan, with a little yellow or green tone. Jade is more exquisite and has a sheen luster, translucent, and relatively small.

The worst sapphire of Grade 3 sapphire is more common, such as: chapped, impurities, asbestos and so on. The color is cyan, gray, green and yellow, and it is not uniform and has a waxy luster. However, the texture is delicate and translucent.

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