By Meng Fei fashion women evocative people's desire to return to nature

Autumn and winter woolen coat can definitely be called the protagonist of the closet, a stylish fashion coat gives a full fashion image, no matter take the lovely line girl image or emit a gentle lady style, accompanied by a coat MM destined to sway in winter.


Three-dimensional neckline and razor-wool combination of fashion, noble, generous, after the neckline design with the front of the combination of the formation of the three-dimensional stand to make the cold, the winter is not cold; pocket design so that the most popular style of the year, so you make the mainstream leader By.

依蒙菲时尚女装  唤起人们返璞归真的愿望

This simple woolen coat outline the atmosphere, personal tailoring and highlights the beauty of women's curves, showing slim posture. Simple style combined with exquisite version of the shape to create a good self-cultivation effect; layered in the handsome and simple version of the skirt design, adding practical and sweet, highlighting the urban trend of personality.

Invisible, big beautiful speechless. By Meng Fei highlighting the rich modern flavor, but also reveals a touch of historical charm, the perfect visual interpretation of the new trend of respect, to arouse people's desire to return to nature.


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