The apparel industry needs to accelerate brand transformation

The apparel industry needs to accelerate brand transformation Accelerating the transformation and upgrading, enhancing the brand effect, increasing the value content of products, and promoting the Shenzhen apparel brand to the international level are the first missions of Shenzhen garment enterprises in 2013. The person in charge of the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association stated that the new round of development in Shenzhen is to promote the further transformation of the industry, from the development industry to the innovation industry and the brand industry. In the coming period, the pace of development of the garment industry in Shenzhen will slow down. However, the construction of an industrial system, the reshaping of the value system, and the improvement of the market system will cause a fundamental change in the intrinsic quality of the garment industry and a fundamental increase in the garment industry. Industrial upgrading of the status of the industry in the international division of labor, and to win the opportunity for future development.

Through years of unremitting efforts, the Shenzhen fashion industry has taken a leading position in China and has had a certain influence on the international stage. It has formed a good overall image and has achieved a clear market return. In 2012, the garment industry in Shenzhen achieved a production value of more than 100 billion yuan, and exported nearly 10 billion US dollars. Shenzhen fashion has a market share of more than 50% in major cities in China. A number of first-line brands with core competitiveness have developed steadily, and independent innovation and brand competitiveness have continued to increase. Shenzhen garment industry has become an important force to promote the transformation and upgrading of advantageous traditional industries.

Zhou Sheng, chairman of EACHWAY Fashion Group, believes that with the transformation of the consumer market pattern and export pattern, the image of the Shenzhen garment industry will be reshaping and the international competitiveness will be upgraded. In such a strong transformation, it explores new ideas for the development of garments in Shenzhen, and pushes forward with the high-end and international development strategies for creative industries, which in turn promotes the in-depth upgrading of industries and changes in the development model. The core competitiveness of the garment industry can be improved.

Zhou Sheng emphasizes that garment companies must strengthen the brand innovation strategy and build a cultural and creative industrial chain from fabrics and accessories design to apparel design, production logistics, channel construction and brand culture construction. The focus of the new strategy is on the brand's cultural advancement. It is necessary to inject the connotations of art, creativity, technology, and culture into clothing and clothing as an artwork. This is crucial for the transformation of the apparel industry and the industry as soon as possible.

Li Feiyue, Chairman of the Shenzhen Pink Wardrobe Apparel Co., Ltd. believes that Shenzhen's apparel companies must have core competitiveness to support the long-term development of the company. If Shenzhen's apparel companies do not keep up with the pace of global fashion and consumer upgrading, they will eventually be eliminated by the pace of fashion development. Enterprises should pay attention to international cooperation, introduce foreign outstanding brand planning teams and product design teams, and improve the international perspective of local companies. Introduce international talents to participate in brand planning, image design and product design, and quickly realize the transformation and upgrading of companies, brands and teams.

Li Feiyue believes that seeking international cooperation is not simply seeking product design, but seeking the concept of grafting. He found that the design ideas provided by European and American design companies are easy to meet in China. Due to the commonality of cultural origins, the research on the thinking and ideas of South Korean counterparts is far more meaningful than that of European counterparts. Therefore, he suggested that while vigorously carrying out brand transformation and upgrading, Shenzhen garment enterprises should discuss the impact of China’s economic development on fashion consumption trends, the impact of Chinese cultural heritage on customers’ long-term consumption psychology, and the potential of the development of China’s media industry for customers. Fashion nurture and aesthetic cultivation.

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